Retail Rush: Coinbase’s Layer 2 Hits 1.88M Daily Transaction Record

Since Base’s official debut last month, the layer-2 blockchain has generated significant buzz. According to the latest data compiled by IntoTheBlock, the Coinbase-incubated network is seeing increased retail adoption as well as smart contract interactions.

The seven-day average of daily transactions has been on a rapid surge. The average, on the other hand, currently stands over 702k, while the daily figure has already reached 1.88 million.

  • ITB’s analysis further revealed that the decreasing average transaction size indicates an increasing retail adoption and smart contract interactions.
  • Moreover, the 30-day average active addresses ratio sits at 64.50%. The figure is noteworthy, especially when compared to other layer-2 solutions like Arbitrum (approximately 2%) and Optimism (approximately 4.5%).
  • The introduction of the decentralized social media platform has a major role to play in the increased traction. The platform attracted new users and even numerous influential celebrities in a very short period.
  • recently recorded over $18.51 million in trading volume, further boosting network activity on the Base blockchain.
  • The launch of the decentralized exchange Aerodome on Base served as yet another catalyst that managed to push the layer-2’s TVL north of $400 million.
  • However, the subsequent network outage on September 5th – which lasted over an hour and marked the first such occurrence since its public launch – adversely affected the TVL figures, which fell from $411 million to $383 million, declining by 7% the following day.
  • DeFiLlama data suggest that the TVL has continued to extend further losses, falling to $377 million at the time of writing.

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