Real Estate Webmasters Launches Demand-Based Pricing Promo

Real Estate Webmasters announced a demand-based pricing promotion aimed at real estate professionals seeking to enhance their online presence. 

Typically, REW stated that the first quarter sees a slowdown in “net new” orders for their professional services. However, this year has deviated from the norm. Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, cited several factors for the unexpected shift, including market uncertainty, concerns over commission lawsuits, and the enhanced quality of REW’s product, which has reduced the demand for customizations.

In response to these challenges and to ensure meaningful projects for their highly valued employees, REW stated they are offering significant discounts on professional services for work scheduled in March, April and May 2024. The promotion is structured to fill capacity with discounts scaling up to 50% for services booked in March under specific capacity thresholds. 

The company stated that this strategic pricing model is designed to benefit both REW and its clients by optimizing the company’s service capacity while providing real estate professionals with an opportunity to invest in their online platforms at a fraction of the usual cost.

Promotion details:

  • March offers: Up to 50% off unsold hours for projects in design, programming, or SEO, with discounts tiered based on capacity. The highest discounts are available for bookings under 50% of capacity with a 40% discount applied up to 75% capacity.
  • April & May offers: Discounts continue with up to 40% off for bookings under 50% capacity, and a 30% discount for bookings between 51-75% capacity.

Discounts are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are designed to ensure REW’s team is engaged in meaningful work throughout these months, according to a release.

Morgan Carey emphasized that “This kind of discount has never happened before and never will again. It’s a unique opportunity for our clients to advance their online presence significantly while helping us ensure our team remains productive and fulfilled.”

Clients interested in taking advantage of this limited-time offer are encouraged to contact their account manager directly to discuss availability and specific discount rates. Orders must be confirmed in writing, and all purchased hours are to be used within the designated months without exception.

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