Real Estate Board of New York Announces Change to Real Estate Listing Service (RLS)

The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) has completed the migration of its Residential Listing Service (RLS) to the Real Estate Standards Organization Web Application Programming Interface (RESO Web API). This modernization will allow RLS data to move more quickly and efficiently between REBNY’s 581 residential brokerage member firms and over 12,000 agents, the board claims. 

 RESO is an independent, nonprofit standards body formed to develop data standards and processes that create efficiencies for all participants in real estate transactions.

Stated benefits of the RESO Web API migration include:

  • RESO Web API follows open technology standards that enable greater professional and consumer access from the web, mobile, social and other HTTP-based applications.
  • REBNY members who utilize the RLS will now experience efficient technology implementations as their listings utilize the RESO data dictionary that speaks the same language as all technology providers who utilize the RESO standard.
  • Centralized data language so agents can better label and map their listings with technology providers, improving the agent listing and consumer search experience.
  • RESO standards support delivering real estate data in any language and even multiple languages within the same locale, meaning data can be consumed internationally.

The board noted that the transition to RESO Web API add/edit required a meticulous migration process with multiple front-end providers updating their systems and data feeds without interruption or impacting any of the technology and day-to-day operations of REBNY’s members and data vendors. 

The project was overseen by REBNY’s Senior Vice President of Residential Brokerage Services & Products Ninve James, who is also the co-chair of RESO’s building sub-group, working closely with Director of Operations Miah Yoo.

“REBNY is dedicated to providing its members the best resources possible to make their day-to-day technology utilization easier. As a result, this improves the experience for all New York real estate consumers,” said James. “With this transition, REBNY members will be able to stay ahead of the game when it comes to data standards.”

“Previously, RLS data came from multiple sources speaking different languages that made it more challenging for members and vendors to consume and utilize,” noted Yoo. “We had to work with over 100 different technology providers to migrate to one standard, RESO, which will now allow users to leverage the RLS across more than 1,000 data connections.” 

The speed and depth of REBNY’s marketplace conversion to RESO standards is truly remarkable,” said Sam DeBord, CEO of RESO. “REBNY’s work is proof that RESO Web API and Add/Edit are ready to streamline and accelerate even the largest real estate technology markets in the world. The industry’s MLSs, brokers and consumers will all benefit from this trailblazing work by REBNY.”

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