Racist remarks against Mexicans caught on camera in Disneyland bathroom

A woman caught on camera saying “I hate Mexicans” in a Disneyland bathroom led to the arrest of a well-known street-vendor activist in San Bernardino County Sunday.

The Disneyland bathroom exchange unfolded late last week when Eva Ramirez filmed another woman tossing out racist comments after reportedly hearing Ramirez and her son speaking Spanish in the bathroom.

Ramirez said that they were at the theme park enjoying her son’s birthday and that the altercation started with a disagreement over a bathroom stall.

“I’m at Disneyland and this person just heard me speaking Spanish and she said, ‘Great, you’re a f—–g Mexican, right?’ Repeat what you just said,” Ramirez is heard telling the woman in the video. “You have a problem with people that speak Spanish in your country, right?”

“Yeah, but it’s America. It’s America,” the unidentified woman responds. “You don’t speak Spanish in America. It’s an English-speaking country.”

“Your comment is racist, and it has nothing to do with using the restroom,” Ramirez is heard saying.

“I don’t care. I hate Mexicans, it’s true. There it is,” the woman is seen responding.

In her post to social media, Ramirez said she was dismayed to come face-to-face with this kind of behavior.

“I can’t believe it’s 2023 and we are knee deep in hatred and bigotry yet this person wasn’t even subtle nor hiding it,” she said in her Instagram post.

Woman caught on camera at Disneyland saying "I hate Mexicans"

Woman caught on camera at Disneyland saying “I hate Mexicans”

She went on to say that the bigger restroom stalls in Disneyland bathrooms are also for mothers and children and “clearly have no handicap sign,” adding that security refused to eject the women from the park “because it was only a verbal confrontation.”

On Sunday, cellphone video captured authorities in Apple Valley arresting activist Alex Enamorado who, along with a group of people, were apparently protesting outside of the home of the woman who was filmed making the racist remarks. ‘

It is unclear how Enamorado learned of the Disneyland exchange and found the woman’s address. Police have not yet said what charges the activist was arrested on.

This is the safest of California’s 16 largest counties

“I’m sharing this because Racism starts at home,” Ramirez said in her post. “Never thought I’d experience this, and I thought I’d ignore someone like this, but in the presence of my son no one will scream at him nor me what language to speak in.”

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