PropStream Partners With the San Francisco Association of REALTORS®

PropStream is integrating with the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® (SFAR) MLS and bringing PropStream to their over 4,500 agents via SFAR’s product dashboard.

“We are excited to be partnering with the San Francisco Association of REALTORS®,” said PropStream’s CEO, Brian Tepfer. “Our best-in-class lead generation platform will be an excellent tool for SFAR’s agents to consistently farm their region for new opportunities, creating an abundant source of business in the San Francisco market. This partnership will also include a data integration, which will allow PropStream to enhance its MLS data adding to the multi-sourced real estate data that PropStream aggregates, enabling a superior lead generation experience for its membership base.”

For agents on the hunt for new, creative listing opportunities, PropStream’s stated that their expansive datasets, intuitive filtering capabilities, and a suite of marketing tools are vital resources, especially in a challenging and changing real estate landscape.

“Supporting our members is at the forefront of our Association’s values,” said SFAR’s MLS Director, Hud Bixler. “We strive to provide the broadest range of innovative technologies to our members, and we believe PropStream will be an excellent addition to our Association’s toolkit. With PropStream, members can search for leads, run comps, market to leads, and get quality support and training.”

This partnership with the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® is just the beginning of PropStream’s efforts to provide real estate data and market analytics for agents who want to adapt their lead generation strategies to fit an ever-changing market, the company stated. 

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