PropStream Announces New Mortgage Feature

PropStream, an AI-powered software company that provides real estate data to its users (such as investors) has announced a new tool on its platform’s search engine: the mortgage recording date filter.

With this filter, users can select a beginning-to-end date range for mortgages on open properties and receive results that match their criteria. Combined with the pre-existing List Automator tool, users can also enable automated notifications for when new mortgages are entered into the PropStream system. 

The feature is designed especially for loan originators, who rely on up-to-date mortgage data to chase new business leads, PropStream said. 

Previously installed features on PropStream’s mortgage info search engine include the total monthly payments (with a minimum and maximum range), the interest rate on the mortgage (with the same min/max range), how many mortgages are open on the property, and more. The recording date filter is now listed alongside these on the portal.

For more information, including how to use the mortgage filter, click here.

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