Pressura Tables + Stools Use Compressed Pipes for a Bold Visual Impact

Seoul-based designer Shim Seungyeon has been experimenting with the creation of furniture and lighting since 2018. The latest pieces out of his studio are the Pressura Stool and Table, bold yet organic forms that have a solid – and somehow soft – presence about them.

Pressing hollow metal pipes is a technique often used by metalworkers to fabricate structures efficiently, which is what led Seungyeon to the process used here as well as the moniker. The pipes comprising the stool and table feature an unusually large diameter, adding visual impact and strength. Their compression plays a significant role, articulating connection points for the legs to the seat plate and to the upper frame of the table.

dining chair, two low stools, and a round white table

The design of both pieces subtly assert themselves within a space. The Pressura Table extends the three-legged support structure from the Pressura Stool, offering up an organic silhouette. Both pieces are available in glossy color finishes, like yellow, red brown, cream, silver, navy, and pistachio. A glass top option is offered for the table to amplify the frame’s presence while softening its appearance. Seungyeon notes that there’s potential for the development of future alternatives to come like wood and marble tops.

six low stools of various colors

overhead image of six stools of various colors

styled yellow stool with vase of flowers

round stool standing on a filing cabinet

styled interior with three stacked stools

seafoam green stool next to a large outdoor potted plant

round white stool

detail of seafoam green stool

silver stool and table

two low stools with round table

two low stools with a round table

round table with three stools

round table with two stools and a dining chair

styled round table

round table

group of round tables

seafoam green round table

detail of round table

detail of round table

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