Pre-Sale Home Updates Set the Stage for Home-Selling Success

In today’s market of high home prices and mortgage rates, the buying population has become very specific about the needs of the homes they want to buy. And since the majority of buyers are either relocating, retiring or downsizing, they want move-in ready properties.

Debra Beagle—managing broker/owner of the Ashton Real Estate Group in Nashville, Tennessee—set her brokerage up with the perfect service to help sellers meet the needs of today’s buyers while staying in line with their own affordability needs by partnering with Curbio.

Beagle has a long history in the real estate industry, having been an agent during the 2008 crash and recession. “I helped a lot of sellers,” says Beagle, “and I sold a lot of homes and listings back in the day when it was really hard to sell homes and get a home ready to market,” she says.

When the market began to shift in recent years, Beagle’s experience allowed her to make quick changes and adjustments in order to position the brokerage for success. 

“My background has been in listing and getting homes to market at the highest and best look, so we’re always looking for avenues to help our sellers,” says Beagle. “When we saw Curbio, we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!’ It gives our sellers so much opportunity to help market their homes at the highest dollar amount to get them sold quickly while providing a good home for the buyer moving in.

“Our market has seen a huge appreciation over the years from when sellers bought their homes, and now they have a lot of built-in equity,” she adds. “This gave us the opportunity to speak to our sellers and say, ‘Look, we have a company that will come in and help get your home ready to market, and we can invoice it at the closing table and pay out of the seller proceeds.’”

The Ashton Real Estate Group, now in its fourth year of partnership with Curbio, offers Prep and Sell Concierge—a connection to Curbio’s services, white labeled under the Ashton Real Estate Group’s branding.

“As the market has shifted and listings have sat longer, this is something that our sellers are looking for. And Curbio handles everything. It’s been a one-stop shop,” explains Beagle. “They’re all licensed, insured contractors so that all the work is done. It’s just a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, new light fixtures, new plumbing fixtures or any updates that help sell the home quicker and make it look good so that it’s move-in ready. Plus, it’s not cash out front. It comes out of the equity at closing. Then buyers also get a move-in ready home. It’s truly a win-win.”

Beagle goes on to explain that white labeling Curbio’s services also provides her brokerage an edge in their marketing. Plus, it has less of a third-party service feel to clients.

“Prep and Sell Concierge is a huge feature for our clients, and I think it helps us stand out,” she says. “It’s part of our marketing package as well as our agents’ listing presentation where they will mention what the home is currently valued at and then explain the projected amount that we would be able to help them get if we were to do some updates.”

For those not taking advantage of Curbio’s services, the best advice Beagle can give is to reach out. 

“It’s a win-win service that provides an edge to compete against other brokerages, especially in a market full of challenges,” concludes Beagle. “I love it. It truly is a really great solution.” 

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