Pininfarina Enigma GT debuts at Geneva Motor Show with hydrogen-powered V6

The Pininfarina Enigma GT just landed at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, and Enigma is a pretty good name for this funky grand tourer. As you can tell from the photos, the Enigma GT is very much a concept car. It’s here as a preview for more to come by Pininfarina in 2025 where the company intends to celebrate its 95th anniversary.

This 2+2 Pininfarina gets its motivation via a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine, which isn’t unheard of, but still not the typical for hydrogen-powered cars these days. Pininfarina says it’s a mid-rear engine layout, which puts the 2.5-liter turbocharged V6 behind the rear passengers for an optimal weight balance. The engine drives the rear wheels, while an electric motor drives the front for all-wheel drive. Acceleration from 0-62 mph is claimed to be under 4.0 seconds – power numbers are good, as Pininfarina says the engine produces 436 horsepower and the electric motor produces 268 ponies on its own. We don’t know what sort of test cycle it might pertain to, but Pininfarina says mixed-use driving will return approximately 342 miles of range, and refueling the hydrogen tank is claimed to take 5-6 minutes.

Pininfarina put together a design that is both exotic and efficient with a drag coefficient of just 0.24. It achieves this through active grille shutters, active front wheel deflectors, an auto-adjusting rear wing and a very small frontal area – thank the mid-rear engine layout for that last one. Weight is kept down despite the complexity of the powertrain through the use of a carbon fiber monocoque – Pininfarina says the concept weighs 3,725 pounds.


The interior’s canopy opening solution is said to be inspired by other famous Pininfarina designs like the Ferrari 512 S Modulo, Abarth 2000 Coupe and more. It’s a sporty interior with sharply sculpted seats, flashy colors and a race car-like steering wheel. Of course, it’s also dominated by screens. Pininfarina says the main screen that stretches from side to side is an OLED panel. There’s a separate screen at hands-reach for vital car control functions, and the steering wheel is full of touch-control buttons, too. The screen overload doesn’t stop there, though, as the entire windshield is an AR landscape. As you can see in the photos, Pininfarina will overlay a boatload of information onto the windshield in an effort to better inform the driver and help them on their journey. There’s even an autonomous driving mode meant for long-distance travel.

Pininfarina tell us that it’s still holding details and design ideas back on this car that will be fully realized come a new interpretation in 2025, so stay tuned to see what this Enigma has to offer next.

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