Photos: How do they keep SoFi Stadium looking so shiny?

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SoFi Stadium was built with translucent panels designed to produce light. The panels have a frit pattern, which helps shelter fans from the sun.

The roof has 302 panels, ieach measuring 60-by-60 feet. The panels are coated with ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), a fluorine-based plastic that provides a relatively maintenance-free canopy.

Rain along with marine-layer moisture help clean dirt, soot and other natural droppings from the panels, but yearly maintenance is still required — with most of the work taking place from July to August.

In addition to the panels, SoFi Stadium uses 46 mechanized vents to help cool the building.

ETFE has been a popular material used in stadiums across Europe and Asia. BMO Stadium in Exposition Park also utilizes this material.

Engineers make daily inspections to ensure the canopy is free of debris and birds.

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