Our Favorite Fictional Mob Wives Would Probably Wear These 20 Alluring Scents

The start of 2024 introduced a trend that has all but surpassed our already sky-high expectations for late winter/spring fashion and beauty movements: the rise of the mob wife. Sure, it’s easy to view the emergence of this leopard phenomenon as the downfall of the clean girl aesthetic we’ve seen dominate multiple social media platforms over the past few years, but we’re here to argue that it could very well be part of a natural evolution of the trend cycle toward a louder take on classic looks. Elegance comes in many forms, with some being more bold and recognizable than others. At its essence, the mob wife aesthetic is just another example of a departure from the simplicity and quiet we’ve accepted as part of our daily lives in a post-pandemic world.

We can’t wait to see who this mythical aesthetic-embodying person becomes next in their journey. Unsurprisingly, since we’re huge fans of possibly the biggest aesthetic trend of the year, we’ve composed an edit of 20 fragrances reminiscent of the biggest mob wives that graced the silver screen over the years and the many archetypes they fall into. Carmela Soprano, Connie Corleone, and Elvira Hancock—this one’s for you.

Emma Leger Mob Wife Fragrance

Fragrances for the Behind-the-Scenes Boss

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