Only the Chevy Bolt EUV will return on Ultium platform – report

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The Chevy Bolt EV has had ups and downs recently, but it’s still GM’s best-selling electric model. That made the automaker’s decision to cut the car after 2023 a shocker, but CEO Mary Barra quickly changed course, announcing that the Bolt would return using GM’s Ultium tech. We’re now learning about another twist in the story, as the company’s recent comments suggest that only the larger Bolt EUV will return, leaving the more popular Bolt EV out of the Ultium plans.

As Electrek noted, Barra has already hinted that the EUV would be the vehicle of choice when the Bolt returns. “Our prior portfolio plans included several newly designed vehicles in the entry-level segments and a capital commitment of $5 billion over the next several years. However, by leveraging the best attributes of today’s Bolt EUV, as well as our Ultium platform, our software, and NACS, we will deliver an even better driving, charging, and ownership experience with a vehicle we know customers love.” It sounds a lot like GM’s planning one Bolt model, and it will likely be the larger EUV.

Some had hoped that the comments left the door open for the Bolt’s return, but further reporting confirmed the EUV’s takeover of the Bolt lineup. While disappointing, the move isn’t surprising when taken in context with the rest of the industry. Automakers are losing money on EVs as they spend money developing new models and bolstering supply chains, so reducing the Bolt model line to one vehicle makes sense from a cost-savings standpoint.

It’s also likely that GM believes the larger EUV will become a more popular model as more consumers shift to SUV-like vehicles, even though the Bolt EV currently outsells its larger counterpart. That said, the loss of one of the most affordable EVs is reason to complain, though nothing says GM won’t bring the smaller Bolt back once its EV house is in order.

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