One of the Most Outrageous Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions


  • CryptoBull, a popular Twitter user, made a bold prediction that Ripple’s XRP could reach milestones of $4.20, $7.20, or even an unlikely $470, representing a significant increase from its current value.
  • Another cryptocurrency analyst supported CryptoBull’s predictions, stating that reaching $27 for XRP would be “easy.”
  • More conservative forecasts from other analysts, like Dark Defender, suggest a possible rise to $1.88 in the short term, but with a caveat that XRP must maintain above a primary support level of $0.6044 for two consecutive days.

XRP to Skyrocket by 47,000%?

Ripple’s native token – XRP – is among the digital assets capturing the most of investors’ attention, and thus, it is often a subject of wild price predictions. One such forecast recently came from the popular X (Twitter) user CryptoBull. 

They observed previous breakouts to assume that XRP is on the verge of exploding to the following milestones: $4.20, $7.20, or even the ridiculous $470.

The cryptocurrency analyst who has laid out multiple price predictions on the asset congratulated CrypoBull for their charts, arguing that the coin’s valuation would make it “easy” to the $27 mark.

It is worth mentioning that the $470 tag would most likely remain a mirage since XRP’s market capitalization should blast to approximately $250 trillion for this to happen. Recall that the entire market cap of the industry was around $3 trillion during the bull run in 2021 when Bitcoin (BTC) tapped an all-time high of almost $70K.

Realistic XRP Predictions

Other analysts have laid out more modest forecasts. Dark Defender recently envisioned XRP’s price to ascend to as high as $1.88 in the short term. Nonetheless, the analyst warned that the token must close “under the primary support of $0.6044 for 2 days in a row.” 

Those willing to dive deeper into the matter and explore how XRP could perform in the remaining quarter of 2023 could take a look at our video below:

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