Of All the Chic Bags Out There, DeMellier’s New York Tote Is the One I Want

I know I’m a fashion editor and some might consider what I’m about to say sacrilegious but, personally speaking, I’m not all that into high-end designer bags. Of course, I’d never kick a Chanel out of bed, nor refuse the gift of a Lady Dior point blank; I would simply rather spend my money on something else. What I do advocate for, however, are affordable luxury bags. Of course, what constitutes as “affordable” to one person will vary greatly to another, and I can possibly determine what that will mean to you specifically but, for arguments sake, let’s agree on £500 or less. It’s still a significant amount of money, no doubt about it, but it is a figure I’d be prepared to save for should the right handbag come along. Cue DeMellier’s New York tote bag. 

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