NY AG walks out amid "frustrations" that judge let Don Jr. turn testimony into "infomercial"

New York Attorney General Letitia James‘ band of attorneys appeared to grow frustrated with Donald Trump Jr.’s meandering testimony in his civil business fraud trial, according to The New York Times. “The attorney general’s lawyers have often appeared frustrated during this trial, but this morning’s session may take the cake,” wrote the Times’ Kate Christobek, who was reporting from the courthouse. “Several have, at times, cradled their heads in their hands, or sat back with their arms crossed.” Christobek noted that Engoron previously told attorneys that “I don’t want a retrial of this case” and “I don’t want to be reversed.”

“After AG’s office again objects to testimony about the history of the Trump Org, Judge Engoron says, ‘Objection’s overruled, let him go ahead and talk about how great the Trump Organization is,'” tweeted Politico reporter Erica Orden. James herself, who has been present for the Trump family’s testimony, walked out in the middle of Trump Jr.’s testimony, according to The Times’ Jonah Bromwich, who noted it was “one of the few times I can remember her leaving while a member of the Trump family was testifying.”

Though “AG’s lawyers appear frustrated that Engoron has let Jr. go on in these self-serving infomercials that aren’t responsive or relevant and have other evidentiary problems,” tweeted former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman, “Engoron doesn’t want to create any issue and no real harm in permitting him to gas on.” Though Litman conceded that today’s testimony proceedings are “a little strange, because this is the exact direct testimony you would give to sell the story to a jury,” he added that Trump’s team has “already lost the sale to Judge Engoron, and it can’t really help on appeal. Basically, he’s selling to the American public.”

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