Nissan Zama Heritage Collection in photos


ZAMA, Japan — While in Japan for the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, we had the opportunity to visit a special collection of historic vehicles. Within its walls are many important pieces of Nissan’s story, including gorgeous automotive artifacts from the Datsun and Prince brands. Specimens span from Datsun’s first production model, to Nissan’s first race car, as well as many Skylines, Silvias, Z cars, Pike Cars and GT-Rs from Nissan’s long history. Nissan’s Zama Heritage Collection resides in a former factory. Located in the Kanagawa prefecture about an hour from Tokyo, this site used to produce engines, but now serves as a site for storage and restoration of some of Japan’s most interesting historic vehicles. And most are drivable.

The Zama Heritage Collection is open to the public, but normally, if you want a tour, you have to apply online. If it’s a potential stop on your next trip to Japan — and it should be — let us whet your appetite with a sampling of some of the incredible historic vehicles you’ll get to see. Click through the gallery above for an abbreviated tour of the Nissan, Datsun and Prince production and racing vehicles housed at the Zama Heritage Collection.

And if you’re still hungry for more Japanese car history, check out our video tour of the Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi, below:

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