Nipple-Matching Is the Newest Lip Trend—Here's How We Did It

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I’m no stranger to dark, rich lip liner, but I am new to the concept of choosing a beauty product based on the color of my nipples. Leave it to the product development team at Glossier to introduce our team of well-seasoned editors to a product that brings on a different type of introspection: a lip liner with shades meant to match the color of your nipples. I’m sure I’m not the first person to have to look inside my shirt before picking a lip liner shade, and I certainly won’t be the last, especially now we have a whole team of Who What Wear editors singing the praises of Glossier’s Lip Line ($18).

Many people avoid lip liners for fear of having unnatural-looking lips or choosing the wrong shade, but the nipple-matching technique simplifies the process and ensures your lips get that “my lips but better” look. And when I find a lip liner as impressive as this one, there’s simply no going back. Glossier has dubbed it an “enhancing pencil” in bold letters right next to its five-star rating, and it lives up to that title. It’s creamy, it’s long-lasting, it glides like a dream, and it doesn’t dry out my lips. Gone are the days of only wearing lip liner with a full face of makeup on a special occasion. My co-workers and I took all eight natural shades for a test-drive to prove it to you.

Editors Test Lip Liner

“Where have these lip liners been all of my life?! If I could create a dream liner, Glossier’s Lip Line would be it. While the shades are designed to match your nipples (Ha! You’re about to become intimately acquainted with the Who What Wear team!), my lip color is deeper and rosier, and I typically look for neutral liners that are an exact match, or just a tad richer, to enhance my natural hue. I never wear just one shade of lip liner—I go darker on the center parts of my lips and lighter on the outer corners, so I used both Bit and Flush, and the combination couldn’t have been more perfect. The formula is so creamy, but unlike other liners I’ve tried, the consistency isn’t so slippery that you’re left with under-fed pigment. It’s a dream to apply, and I highly recommend snagging the sharpener as a $9 add-on simply because it’s cute AF. I only wish there were a lip brush on the other end for easier blending, but I had no problem using my fingertips.” — Erin Jahns, beauty director

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