Next-generation Nissan Leaf likely arriving for 2026 model year

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CHICAGO – We spent a little time at the Chicago Auto Show speaking with Trisha Jung, Nissan’s senior director for EV Strategy and Transformation. Naturally, the conversation was focused on EVs and Nissan’s plans for the future. And in a roundabout way, we think we know when the next-generation Nissan Leaf will be arriving: model year 2026.

You see, the standard line from many automaker representatives when it comes to certain things is, “We’re not going to comment on future product.” But Jung was able to confirm that the Nissan Leaf as we know it today will continue on for the 2025 model year. Nissan has also previously said that the Leaf will stick around in the U.S. (contrary to past rumors), and so it will get another generation.

The company’s European branch also went so far as to point out that three future EV models, the Qashqai, Juke and Leaf, will get design inspiration from three of Nissan’s recent concept cars: the Hyper Urban, Hyper Punk and Chill-Out. Again, Nissan didn’t specifically call out which vehicles corresponded with each other, but based on past models and the styling of the concepts, it’s pretty easy to figure out that the Chill Out would be the basis for the Leaf.

Even when the Chill-Out was revealed, it seemed liable for production. Nissan noted that it was based on the platform that underpins the Ariya. It also shares some clear design DNA with the SUV, and its crossover-y shape is a good fit for the market. And to sum up, expect the next-generation Leaf to be revealed in about a year or two as a 2026 model. And if it’s based on the Ariya platform, it could be offered with dual motors and all-wheel drive, and could very likely have NACS charging, since Nissan is incorporating the plug standard starting next year. We’ll be curious to see if production continues in Tennessee, like the current Leaf. It would seem like the smart move, since that would help maintain tax credit eligibility.

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