National security lawyers alarmed by Fox News town hall: Did Trump just “disclose classified info?”

Former President Donald Trump’s remarks about nuclear weapons during a Fox News town hall on Wednesday raised alarm from national security attorneys.

Asked by Fox News host Laura Ingraham about fans who worry about his “safety,” Trump said, “I worry about their safety too.”

“These people, everybody in this room is in great danger right now,” he said. “We have a nuclear weapon that if you hit New York, South Carolina is going to be gone too. I worry about their safety. I think it’s the reason I’m doing this.”

National security attorneys questioned if Trump let slip some classified information with his answer.

“Is Trump out there spilling the details on our nuclear weapons and the destructive range of those weapons in the midst of a Fox interview? Is it me or is he doing that?” asked national security lawyer Bradley Moss, questioning the media silence on “the former president potentially revealing classified information about our nuclear weapons arsenal on live TV.”

“Did the former President just unlawfully disclose classified information? Or just simply make something up to scare South Carolina residents to vote for him?” tweeted national security attorney Mark Zaid. “I’m not aware of any acknowledged nuclear weapon that has that type of impact radius.”

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