My Best-Smelling Colleagues Share the "Secret" Perfumes They Keep Close to Chest

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We’re beauty editors, which means we have a rich and diverse fragrance wardrobe. From sweet gourmand scents like vanilla and caramel to soft floral fragrances and beyond, we have a little bit of everything at arm’s reach. Many of these are designer perfumes—you know, iconic bottles from Chanel, Dior, and Tom Ford. While these are well-loved, we also like to wear other, lesser-known scents.

Whether new or old, our under-the-radar perfumes are the ones we keep closest to our chests. Look, we don’t mean to gatekeep, but these scents are special, and we don’t like sharing them with just anyone. Today, though, we’ll make an exception. Keep scrolling to see 14 little-known perfumes that deserve a spot in your fragrance collection, according to five scent-obsessed beauty editors.

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