Monet McMichael's New Snif Fragrance Is Proof That Rose Is Far From Old-Fashioned

The more I use major social media platforms like TikTok, the more I’m convinced that at least when it comes to fragrance, Gen Z’s spending power is second to none. Growing up, I discovered new perfumes while flipping through magazines and catching perfume pamphlets that tumbled out from between the pages.

Now, discovering a new perfume is as simple as swiping through a social media feed tailor-made to your interests, preferences, and shopping practices. Enter lifestyle-and-beauty content creator Monet McMichael, who uses her platform to share her favorite product finds, normalize “unsexy” beauty maintenance, and provide easy-to-follow tutorials for popular makeup looks.

Last month, McMichael launched her first fragrance, Rose Era, in collaboration with Snif, a trendy fine fragrance and candle brand that prides itself in accessible, clean, and cutting-edge scents for all. I had the opportunity to speak with McMichael herself and the talented duo behind the brand, Bryan Edwards and Phil Riportella, for their take on Snif’s newest fragrance.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Snif)

Monet McMichael Is Entering Her Rose Era