Lucid Air enjoys another round of big price cuts

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Prices keep going downward for the Lucid Air sedan; the past 18 months reveal a steep premium for being an early adopter. At the conclusion of our Lucid Air First Drive in July 2022, before the Pure and Sapphire trims were released, the Touring started at $107,400, the Grand Touring started at $154,000, the Grand Touring Performance was $179,000. When the Pure arrived for the 2023 model year, the new entry-level variant lowered the Air’s price to $88,900. Behind it, the new mid-tier Touring had come down almost $11,000 to $96,500, whereas the Grand Touring was up almost $20,000 to $127,100 and the Grand Touring Performance had gone up $9,000 to $163,000. The new Sapphire asked $250,500. 

Cue more battles in the EV price wars during 2023. The Pure dropped another $10,000 to $78,900 just two months ago, the Touring came down another $9,100 to $87,400, the Grand Touring cut $14,700 to reach a new low of $112,400, and the Grand Touring Performance had been shuffled off into retirement. The Sapphire was unchanged. 

But as Foreigner sang so long ago, “That was yesterday.” Lucid just dropped a cleaver — a very luxurious cleaver, to be sure — on Air prices, saving buyers of the two lowest trims another big bundle, and buyers of one trim a wee little bundle. The latest figures, and their differences from 24 hours ago, are:

  • Pure: $71,400 ($7,500 less)
  • Touring: $79,400 ($8,000 less)
  • Grand Touring: $111,400 ($1,000 less)
  • Sapphire: $250,500 (No change)

These sums include Lucid’s $1,500 destination charge but do not include the $75 documentation fee nor other estimated fees Lucid adds in its configurator. Also, the price to add a second motor to the Pure trim — the only one that comes with rear-wheel-drive standard instead of AWD — has just come down from $5,500 to $5,000. The company describes this as the “latest phase of its commitment to making the best EV more accessible.”

And there’s more! Every new Lucid will come with a $1,000 credit toward the buyer’s chosen Lucid charging accessory in the Lucid shop. Since the $1,200 Lucid Connected Home Charging Station is the only four-figure charging aid in the shop at the time of writing, we suspect this is where the bulk of buyers will throw down their free cash.

Finally, Lucid’s throwing in scheduled maintenance at no cost for either two years or up to 24,000 miles. The Air owner’s manual explains scheduled maintenance is intended to happen once a year or at 12,000 miles. Posters at the Lucid Owner’s forum say they’ve paid “a little over $400 for the annual service,” the newly free maintenance saving new buyers another $800 or so. 

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