Lone Wolf Set to Release a ‘New Generation of Solutions’ in 2024

Lone Wolf Technologies, a real estate software company, has announced it will be releasing a new generation of Lone Wolf solutions, starting in 2024. The solutions have been constructed to run on Lone Wolf Foundation, a connected platform designed to transform the way real estate professionals work, the company said. 

“For too long, we’ve known that the real estate industry would reach a boiling point in terms of the software available, and we’re quickly reaching that point,” said Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf. “In a recent joint study, we discovered that the average brokerage uses over 20 different pieces of software every day, nearly double what they were using in 2020. It isn’t sustainable, and that’s what we’re targeting with the new generation of software for real estate: The fact that real estate doesn’t need more software, but that it instead needs more from the software it has.” 

Among earlier initiatives to transform popular brokerage software into flexible online solutions, including previous releases of the Market Share and Proficiency Metrics modules in BrokerMetrics, this new generation will bring key software from every milestone in the real estate process to a new online platform, the company said. The first phase of this initiative introduces: 

– The new Lone Wolf Back Office 

– The new Lone Wolf Transact Workflow 

– The new BrokerMetrics by Lone Wolf 

– The new Lone Wolf Foundation

The company also hinted at future initiatives, including a planned transformation of real estate CRM solutions, a release noted. 

“We are so excited about the reveal of our new generation of real estate software and the upcoming introduction of Lone Wolf Foundation,” said Sean Wheeler, CTO at Lone Wolf. “We have spent years learning exactly how the real estate industry works and adapts to shifting circumstances, and have designed that same flexibility right into the solutions that will support real estate professionals—and their clients—through all the years to come.”

The company said the first releases of the new generation of real estate software are planned for a phased delivery throughout 2024. 

For more information, visit https://www.lwolf.com/.

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