Life Is All Heart for Corcoran Group’s Fun-Loving Blumstein Team

Meris and Kenny Blumstein met on a blind date in 1972. More than 50 years later, the fun-loving New Yorkers with a team of 11, including daughter Sydney and son Cole, are consistently among the Corcoran Group’s Top 25 brokers with more than $100 million in sales each year.

Serving buyers and sellers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and upstate New York, the team is patently all about the business. “But it’s business with a heart,” said Meris Blumstein. “And we love to have fun along the way.”

From their elegant client thank-you parties to their Brooklyn boutiques to their all-team celebrations for just about any reason, the modus operandi for this high-powered team is, “make every day a reason to be joyful.”

But with recognition ranging from Corcoran’s Multi-Million Club to Chelsea Sales Team of the Year, they are clearly serious about their business.

Barbara Pronin: Meris, I know you were the first in the family to get into this industry.  How did you get your start in real estate?

Meris Blumstein: I was a homemaker in the early years of our marriage. Kenny worked in the garment industry. But in 1991, I took a job as a telephone operator for the Corcoran Group. I was fascinated by everything about real estate from the get-go, and after three or four months I was ready to get my license and get to work.

BP: New York City is a challenging and competitive market.

MB: Yes, but I know and love it dearly, as much back then as todayand from the beginning, I was dedicated to negotiating the best deals on behalf of my clients with caring, kindness and creativity.

BP: When did Kenny join you?

MB: As my business grew, I knew I needed help, and the first person I turned to was Kenny.

Kenny Blumstein: I had spent a few years being “Mr. Mom” as Meris’s career took off. But I saw not just how much fun she was having, but the potential for working as a teamand I thought my background in design and my experience in property investment could be assets. So, we teamed upfor the second time in our lives, you might sayalmost 24 years ago, in 1999. It was the best decision I ever made.

BP: And today the team is a family affair? 

MB: Yes, not just with the addition of our son and daughter, who inherited our passion for the business, but with some extended family and friends as welland every one of our agents and support staff has a personal flair and a history of caring and adventure that resonates with our high-end clients. 

BP: How do you stay organized as a team?

KB: We try to meet every other week, but we stay in touch almost dailyand we’re always on the phone or texting so that we stay up to date on what we’re up to. And we never miss a chance to celebrate, oftentimes with our clients. 

BP: I can see that, and I have to askwhere did this heart motif come from?

MB: Kenny started it as a way to show the world how much heart we put into our business. Now, they’ve kind of become our team symbol. We give heart pins away to the people we meet, and they’re always the central theme when we host a party.

BP: Plainly you do have a lot of fun, but you don’t get to reach your level of success without serious attention to your business.

MB: That’s trueand these days, much of our business comes from referral because every one of our buyers and sellers gets customized and personal attention. When you work with the Blumstein team, you get much more than 100 years of combined experience. You work with someone who becomes a friend, who knows the territory and can recommend neighborhood restaurants, schools or whatever you need to maximize your enjoyment of the fast-moving and complex New York City daily life.

KB: We really do have a city-wide perspective, with expertise in luxury sales, rentals, and investments. We offer focused attention with all the side benefits of the much-admired Corcoran brand.

BP: Are you a closed operation at this point, or is your team open to expansion?

KB: We are always open to new people. They are our lifeline into the future. We look for fun-loving people with an open mind, a knowledge of the city and a commitment to dedicated service.

BP: Meris, if you could give a bit of advice to others looking to emulate your success, what would it be?

MB: Success comes from living with an open heart. Do something nice for yourself every dayand do something nice for someone else.

Blumstein team listing

55 E 11th Street – 6th Floor

Full floor, Greenwich Village

Housed in an 1899 toy factory loft building and set on the quiet enclave of East 11th Street between University Place and Broadway, this co-operative loft is 2,400 square feet with 11-foot ceiling heights.

Listing price: $3,150,000

Maintenance/Common Charges: $5,600

30% Down: $945,000

Blumstein listing kitch

Blumstein listing kitch virt staged
Kitchen virtually staged in white

Blumstein listing LRBlumstein listing BR 1To read more about the listing, click here. To contact the team, email






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