Letters to Sports: You know Kobe Bryant would have a problem with statue imperfection

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Good for Aaron Donald! He has nothing left to prove. The Rams refused to get him any meaningful help on the line, leaving opposing teams free to double/triple team him on every play. Then we have to hear how his play has “dropped off.”

He was robbed of the MVP in the Super Bowl, where he single-handedly stopped the Bengals on the last series. No 99, no ring. Simple as that. So count your blessings if you got to see him play. Start making his gold jacket and room in Canton for him.

Jeff Heister


Aaron Donald is walking away while he can still walk. Meanwhile, LeBron James is limping through his 21st season. How many accolades are enough?

Richard Raffalow
Valley Glen


I just heard a collective sigh of relief throughout the NFL. But it’s a sad day for Rams fans.

Christopher Grisanti

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