Letters to Sports: Why all the fuss over the Lakers beating the Thunder?

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Finally a story about UCLA’s Mick Cronin where he states “he shoulders all the blame for the disappointing season.” Possibly a visit to the UCLA School of Psychology helped him see the light? His actions on the court this season were not something the UCLA faithful can be proud of. However, if he does accept blame like he claims; let’s hope it’s more for his on the court antics than for the overall “Xs & O’s” he drew up. The lesson to be learned here … is to treat people (be it on the court or in day to day life) … just like the way you would want to be treated.

Richard Whorton
Studio City


Mick Cronin’s comments on taking the blame for UCLA’s come way too late. As importantly it’s Cronin who cost the Bruins the game against Utah with the technical and then calling the timeout. UCLA had been on a six-game winning streak and have not won since.

Punchline, at least three kids will soon be in the transfer portal

Fred Wallin
Westlake Village

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