Letters to Sports: Trojans playing their way into obscurity

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I wonder if Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell thought that because the Super Bowl is in Las Vegas, he needed to gamble twice on fourth down. Two field goals would have come in mighty handy at the end of that game.

Mike Schaller
Temple City


“Campbell-ytics”: Overly aggressive play-calling while completely ignoring the catastrophic consequences to a team’s momentum when it doesn’t work. Don’t mess with Mr. Mojo.

Bob Gary
Diamond Bar


I know there’ve been a lot of NFL coaching changes, but when did Brandon Staley take over at Detroit?

Mario Valvo


Unfortunately for the Lions, their Cinderella pumpkin coach left the stadium at halftime.

Wayne Kamiya
El Segundo


In the 49ers’ victory, Brock was a rock, but Purdy will have to be just as sturdy to beat Reid and Mahomes.

Mark Sherwin
Los Angeles

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