Letters to Sports: Motivate NBA All-Stars to win with a cool half million

The Angels need to show Anthony Rendon the door. He comes across as a malcontent with his comment of “it’s just a job.” He doesn’t seem either to want to be in baseball or appreciate the fact that his “job” has provided him and his family financial security for life. He doesn’t understand that most of us who played baseball as kids would give up our job in a minute to have his job and live out our childhood dream!

Steve Shaevel
Woodland Hills


Anthony Rendon said that baseball is not in his top two of priorities, calling it his “job” and once again taking swipes at both fans and reporters.

Ugh. If he doesn’t care that much about the game and doesn’t want to give his all when he’s playing, he should retire and renounce the rest of the contract money he’s owed. He doesn’t have much passion for the game he’s paid handsomely to play, and he has also expressed a dismissive attitude toward fans in the past, with arrogant comments that suggest the fans are ignorant and have no right to challenge his commitment. How can anyone root for a player on the field who has announced such a lack of enthusiasm for the game?

T.R. Jahns


Breaking news, Anthony, everyone loves their family. But most people take pride in doing their best at their job, even people making $37 million per year.

Mike Gamboa
Buena Park

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