Letters to Sports: Drafting Bronny won't hurt Lakers as much as LeBron's contract will

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Way too much is being written about the Lakers’ decision to draft Bronny James with the 55th pick. But slow down people and let’s keep things in perspective. How many players drafted late in the second round make any significant contributions to their team, at least in the first few years? There were only three players selected after Bronny was picked, and I doubt that any of those three were high on any team’s radar. So if there was a player out there that the Lakers had an interest in, there was a good chance they could be signed after the draft ended. It was a historic pick! Father and son getting the chance to play together. There was little sacrifice made to give LeBron James the gift of seeing his son drafted and to get to fulfill a dream of playing together.

Steve Kaye
Oro Valley, Ariz.


Can everybody just take a breath?

First, I am not a big LeBron James fan, but I’ve learned to accept the inevitable. LeBron, by virtue of 20 seasons of greatness, has put himself in the position he’s in, and he runs the Lakers. The great Dr. Buss is long gone. So let’s take in a good thing on a human level. Is Bronny a superstar? Of course not. But he is a good kid. Zero bad press or drama, despite growing up in the fish bowl he was put in. Not his choice, but he’s handled it with maturity and composure. Oh yeah, he had heart problems too. Let’s just let this father/son thing play out, because we will never see it again.

Jeff Heister


Regarding the overwhelmingly intense scrutiny awaiting Lakers rookie Bronny James, columnist Bill Plaschke claims that “he didn’t ask for any of this.” This mystifying statement begs the question: Who, in fact, decided that the time was now for this relatively unheralded USC freshman to enter the 2024 NBA draft, if not James Jr. himself?

Rob Fleishman


The Dallas Mavericks should sign Mychal Thompson to a one-day contract, then have him and Klay start the opening game of the 2024-25 NBA season so they could be the first father and son to play together in the NBA.

Paul Kawaguchi

Rich get richer, Lakers get poorer

Thank goodness LeBron was able to get another $104 million from his newest contract. Would hate to think that some of that money could have been used for the Lakers to get quality depth to surround him and Anthony Davis. I guess a true title pursuit (taking a Tom Brady-like discount) takes second stage when comparing paychecks with other NBA stars. One would think a billionaire would be open to such an idea. Can’t wait to hear about the Lakers shopping at the discount rack for the rest of the summer.

Matt Kingsbury
Simi Valley


Unfortunately Bill Plaschke’s “Get ready for another era of team futility” prediction for the Lakers seems quite accurate. The comparison between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in the twilight of their careers and the rosters around them (although glad to see that Dalton Knecht fell to the Lakers) is rather appropriate.

Moreover, the Western Conference should be even tougher next season. While painful to say, it appears the 18-time champion Boston Celtics are much closer to their next championship than the Lakers.

Ken Feldman


I imagine it will be rough on LeBron James to live on $52 million a year over the next two years. But more importantly, in an era when superstar players in all sports are taking reductions or deferrals in salary to help team management build a better team, James signs a maximum money deal while cutting the Lakers’ ability to do so. I think that says all we need to know about LeBron. Instead of his name on the back of his jersey, he should just print “Me First.”

Jack Nelson
Los Angeles

We’ve all heard the definition of insanity. … Lakers, let’s stop giving contracts worth $50 million a year and having no team.

Kelly Mark Ritchie

Redick Lakers’ assist leader

Boy, I see a lot of doubt about new Lakers coach JJ Redick, but no congrats to him for negotiating the largest “assistant” coaching contract in sports history. He’s obviously smarter than you think.

Gary Koerner

Let’s be Frank about Clips’ GM

I understand why there is so much attention to Rob Pelinka, but why has The Times ignored the perpetually bad job Lawrence Frank has done with the Clippers? This team is unlikely to make the play-in for the next five years with a washed-up Kawhi Leonard and a lot of cast-offs. But at least they will have great draft picks … oh no, he traded them all in the Paul George trade. Proof in this delusion is Frank, when asked, said he would do the trade again!

David Bialis
San Diego

The good, the bad …

You gotta love the Dodgers. I enjoyed reading “Dodgers turn rejects into relievers” by Mike DiGiovanna. Banda, Ramirez, Phillips, Brasier, Almonte, Kolarek, Morrow, Petersen and Bruihl all benefited by coming to the Dodgers. This is such a feel-good story that it needs to be turned into a movie, or at least a “30 for 30” episode, especially if the Dodgers end up winning the World Series.

Vaughn Hardenberg


I’d like to remind manager Dave Roberts and the Dodgers that there is something called the “intentional walk.” Losing two straight series to sub-.500 teams while giving up 23 runs in the last three games does not bode well for the boys in blue’s playoff hopes.

Mike Schaller
Temple City


Yes, the Dodgers have a big payroll and three of the biggest names in the game, but in looking at this team it is hard to see a playoff contender. I realize the pitching staff has been hit with injuries, but there is no excuse for all the walks, especially to leadoff batters, and the big innings allowed after the first two batters are retired. With so many hitters flirting with a .200 average, big offensive innings are hard to come by. I keep waiting for things to change, hopefully not in vain.

Alan Abajian
Alta Loma

Ending this way just for kicks

Soccer plays 11 on 11 for 90 to 120 minutes. If still tied, they play a completely different game of one on one to decide the winner. Can you imagine if other major sports settled ties like soccer? NFL: longest field goal. MLB: home run derby. NBA: a game of H-O-R-S-E. NASCAR: parallel parking.

Dave Eng
Thousand Oaks

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