Las Vegas Team Leader Stresses Life-Long Learning

Above, from left, Robert Little, Nina Gallagher and Erik Coulter

Robert (Bob) Little was a mortgage broker in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007 when the industry imploded during the worst recession in his memory. But it may have been a blessing in disguise.

“In my five years on the mortgage side,” said Little, “I had always been attracted to the idea of selling real estate. As my business dried up and I had time on my hands, I decided it was time to get licensed.”  

He did so, and though it seemed he was running uphill in the challenging market, he   worked hard enough to be named Rookie of Year in his first year with RE/MAX Advantage.

“I must have made a thousand phone calls and I sat a lot of open houses,” Little said. “But in the end, it began to pay off. I figured if I could survive in the worst of times, things could only get better going forward.”

Business got so much better that by 2011, he had over 100 listings, largely due to a growing number of REOs and referrals.

It was then he decided he was ready to share the workload.

Barbara Pronin: Did you set out right away to create a team?

Robert Little: Well, I was swamped with paperwork, so the first step was to hire an administrative assistant. Then, about seven years ago, as business kept growing, I brought in two agents—Eric Coulter, a former home inspector who had earlier been licensed in Michigan, and Nina Gallagher, a customer service pro who was already part of RE/MAX Advantage. I also hired a coach.

BP: Why was that?

RL: Because I realized that you don’t know what you don’t know—and because I believe we should never stop learning. Having that kind of mentorship behind me helped me get the team off on the right foot. I still have a coach, as a matter of fact. It helps keep me motivated, on track, and always exploring new ideas.

BP: Does your coach work with your team members as well?

RL: Not directly, no, although my vision ultimately becomes theirs. My job is to provide value to my team, and help create business—and I try to lead by example. I have personally sold more than 750 homes over the years, and in 2022 we were the number one REALTOR® in Southern Nevada. Last year was a bit of an off-year for us, as it was for much of the industry, but we were still in the top three for RE/MAX in Southern Nevada. Altogether, our team closed 59 transactions valued at $32 million last year—and our goal for this year is $40 million.

BP: What’s the communication strategy that keeps you organized as a team?

RL: We cover the greater Las Vegas area, so we have Zoom meetings every other week—mostly for brainstorming ideas. We look forward to them because they keep us all excited and motivated. It’s also a way to stay abreast of the current market and about what’s on everyone’s plate. In between, though, we’re in constant communication. We’ve been together as a team for a long time now, and we’ve developed a culture that suits us. We all work hard, but we’re team players. We know that one of us will always have our back when we need it, and we like nothing more than celebrating each other’s successes.

BP: Are you open to expanding your team—and if so, what qualities do you look for in an agent?

RL: We’re absolutely open to expanding. Mostly, I look for people who are open to coaching, eager to learn, motivated, hungry and humble. 

BP: What do you do when you’re not working?

RL: Very likely, I’m either playing golf or spending some time with my family. And I love to travel when we can.

BP: Bob, I noticed you host a companion website— What is that about?

RL: I lost a brother to leukemia when he was 12. I started Little Gives Big in his memory. We donate $50 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for every team transaction. Our clients know that when you buy or sell your house with us, you’re also supporting efforts to combat LLS and support patients and their families. Thus far, we’ve donated more than $30,000.

BP: That’s wonderful. Good for you! And what advice might you have for team leaders just starting out?

RL: Don’t be afraid to get out there and do it. It’s a great way to grow your business, build some really good relationships, and raise your profile in the community. And be prepared to lead by example. Hard work and a commitment to excellence pays off every time.

To visit the team’s website go to:

Little Team Listing

402 Tranquil Peak Ct
Henderson, NV


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