Kia EV3, EV4 concepts land in U.S. previewing future entry-level electrics

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The EV3 and EV4 concepts will both ride on the global Hyundai/Kia E-GMP platform that underpins the bulk of the two companies’ dedicated electric models, but we’re being told to expect only 400-volt charging and smaller battery packs for these two cars. That’s to be expected, as they’re not nearly as large as the EV6 and barely-in-production EV9. While the EV3 goes with a traditional hatchback/crossover shape, the EV4 aims for a sportier liftback sedan style a la the Polestar 2.  It will offer many of the same interior features Kia has in store for the EV3 concept, including its trick center console. 

Both concepts are on the floor in Los Angeles, and while there’s nothing new to report apart from the fact that Kia is incrementally closer to introducing both products to market, this will be the first chance for local shoppers to get an up-close look at what Kia thinks will be the future of small EVs. 

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