Kate and Anne Just Wore the Trouser Trend That Gives Me Nightmares

As we near the end of the year, celebrity outings are becoming more and more frequent. With awards ceremonies, press events, and annual engagements cropping up throughout the weeks, we’ve had the exciting opportunity to catch an extra glimpse of some of our favourite style icons over the past month. 

As someone who spots trends for a living, I will admit that I was surprised to see this particular one styled by two of my favourite trend setters over the weekend. Both known for their elegant, refined and manicured taste (amongst many other things), I was shocked to see both Princess Catherine, aka Kate Middleton, and Anne Hathaway opt for white wide-leg trousers on drizzly December days.

Attending a carol service at Westminster Abbey, The Princess of Wales ignored the wet weather forecast and styled floor skimming white wide leg trousers with a white blouse and long-line white coat. Protecting the bottom of her trousers from sneaky puddles and muddy grass, The Princess opted for tall stiletto heels, adding extra height whilst keeping her ankles dry.

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