Karma Geyesera battery-electric sport tourer debuts at Amelia Island

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When Karma Automotive revealed the battery-electric Kaveya coupe in Las Vegas last November, the company mentioned a Gyesera “BEV touring sedan” that would arrive ahead of the Kaveya. Between proclamations and the spec sheet, Karma pitched the Gyesera as a pure electric evolution of the plug-in hybrid Revero, both nameplates essentially highly evolved forms of the original Karma Fisker sedan from 2011. Like the Revero, the Gyesera is a rear-driver, an e-motor on the back axle making 590 horsepower and 690 pound-feet, its 120-kWh batter enabling a range greater than 250 miles, a 0-60 time under 4.2 seconds, and a top speed of about 135 mph. The company used the Amelia Island Concours to debut its first electric car for market consumption, Karma aiming to begin sales at the end of this year or in early 2025.

Some of you might remember Karma talk of an EV offering called the GSe-6. That would have been an electric version of the GS6 plug-in hybrid that became the Revero. The GSe-6 didn’t reach production before Karma set a “new strategic and branding path.” Speaking of which, company president Marques McCammon said of this four-door, “The Gyesera, with its modern look, feel and superior performance, is our bridge to the future; the embodiment of Karma’s revitalized corporate direction … It’s for a market segment that wants a beautiful exotic performance sedan with unique character … that’s pure EV.”

McCammon told Automotive News that 85% of the Revero’s panels have been redrawn, save for a section of the rear quarter panels. The easiest differences to spot outside are the front fascia’s new lower intake, the side intakes leading to carbon fiber rocker panels, and a rear that gets a carbon diffuser. Inside, Karma’s retained the shape of the Revero’s instrument panel, but the center console display and trim are vastly more modern, and there’s a new steering wheel. 

It’s a testament to Henrik Fisker’s design that the sedan’s fundamental shape, going back to the original Fisker Karma, remains abundantly evident. Perhaps this is the iteration that finally delivers on the promise of that car’s looks.

But there is a hurdle. We knew Karma Automotive planned to make the Gyesera an exclusive proposition, McCammon hinting at just how exclusive in mentioning a potential price between $175,000 and $225,000 apiece for a run of about 2,000 units built over four to five years. That’s a three-alarm price for a car that, in ten years, hasn’t managed to set the world alight. The tiny production run could be a saving grace. However — and not that Lucid hasn’t had its own issues — when the known quantity and decidedly luxurious Air Grand Touring comes with 819 hp and 885 lb-ft of torque, all-wheel drive, a quicker sprint to 60 mph, a higher top speed, and something like 500 miles of range for an MSRP of $111,000, we’re looking for the Gyesera to surprise us with heat we haven’t felt yet. 

Until that time comes, anyone who is convinced about the Gyesera right now is welcome to reserve one for $5,000.

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