Jordan Willis Accused Of ‘Getting Rid’ Of Chiefs Fans Who Were Found Frozen To Death

One of the Kansas City Chiefs fans’ parents are claiming Jordan Willis had to “get rid” of his friends, who were found frozen to death in a backyard earlier this month.

David Harrington, Ricky Johnson, and Clayton McGeeney were found dead in the backyard of a home that their friend, Jordan Willis, rented out to host a watch party for the Chiefs game on January 7. It wasn’t until January 9 that the bodies were discovered.

Willis is the only friend in the group who was not found deceased. He claims he had no idea the bodies were in the backyard, as he says he was asleep for two days with noise-canceling headphones and a loud fan.

After hearing Willis’s story, the victims’ families are speaking out, claiming it “doesn’t add up.”

Jordan Willis Accused Of ‘Getting Rid’ Of Chiefs Fans After ‘Seeing Something They Shouldn’t Have’

Doctor Says Drugs Likely Played A Part In Chiefs Fans' Tragic Deaths

Facebook | David Harrington

As the friends and family members await the completion of an autopsy and the toxicology reports, David Harrington’s father, Jon, is speaking out, claiming Willis’s story does not make any sense, and he thinks Willis is involved with their deaths.

“[Harrington’s mother] and I are both convinced that Jordan Willis played a part in this somehow,” Mr. Harrington told Fox News Digital. “We just haven’t figured out how yet. … What else could it be? Perfectly healthy men don’t just drop off the face of the Earth.”

The group of friends gathered in the rented home to watch the Chiefs game earlier this month. Willis claims he went to bed later that evening, but did not know his friends remained at the home.

However, Jon Harrington is not buying Willis’s story. “There were four of you in the house, and now three of them are dead and you’re not. That doesn’t add up,” he told the outlet. “I’m thinking that he, the three of them learned something or saw something that they shouldn’t have seen, and he decided, ‘Well, I need to get rid of you now.’ Friends or not.”

Jon Harrington Says It Is ‘Not As Simple As’ A Drug Overdose

Doctor Says Drugs Likely Played A Part In Chiefs Fans' Tragic Deaths

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While Jon says he spoke to the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office and informed them of his suspicions, he does not have any hope and is convinced the police will dismiss the deaths as a drug overdose. 

“But I don’t think it’s as simple as [a drug overdose],” the father told the outlet.

Dr. Caleb Alexander, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University, recently gave his insight into the mysterious case, admitting that it is “plausible” drugs played a part in the deaths, but an autopsy and toxicology report will be able to provide more answers.

“It’s one thing for a person to tragically end up in a snowdrift after leaving a bar. But it’s a completely different story for three people to end up dead sitting on somebody’s back porch after a party,” Dr. Caleb Alexander told The Post.

Doctor Says Drugs Likely Played A Part In Chiefs Fans' Tragic Deaths

Facebook | Ricky Johnson

“I’m aware that they may have done some substances that were questionable — but the idea was to get high, not dead … If they were supposed to be friends, why didn’t [Willis] come find them,” Jon said of the possibility that Willis played a part in the mysterious deaths. “I’m sure they have a hundred different answers to that, but that’s my question.”

Harrington’s mother, Jennifer Marquez, says that she knows her son drank and smoked cigarettes, but she does not believe he would have willingly taken drugs and overdosed.

“Yes, I believe that something happened that night and that Jordan had something to do with it,” she told Fox. “We all believe that Jordan had something to do with that.”

There have been no arrests relating to the case at this time.

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