Jeff Bezos's Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Has Given Over $16 Billion To Charity Since Her Divorce As Jeff Bezos Adds Another $100 Million Yacht To His Fleet

976760046e2272530c1c78ec15743ea9 Inc. Founder Jeff Bezos has been at the center of controversy for years. The billionaire is no stranger to luxury and took ownership of his $500 million mega-yacht Koru midway through 2023. But the billionaire recently went viral on Reddit after a picture was posted showing a fleet of other support ships following Koru. This includes a $100 million ship with a helipad and helicopter, several smaller transport boats and a host of other amenities

As Bezos looks for new ways to spend his money, his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott has taken a different approach to spending her billions. Since her divorce in 2019, Scott has donated nearly $16.6 billion to various causes, including $2.2 billion in 2023 alone. Despite this, she remains the fourth-richest woman in the world.

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That $2.2 billion was directed toward 360 causes and charities throughout the United States, Kenya, India and Brazil. Her giving style is unique, characterized by its unrestricted and unsolicited nature, empowering organizations to use the funds as they see fit.

The amount is slightly below previous years but still ranks her among the top philanthropists in the world. In 2022, Scott donated $3.8 billion to 465 organizations. Her donations throughout the years are often sporadic, ranging from relief to rural communities in India to abortion pill delivery services and legal aid services. Notable donations include to the Asian-American Journalists Association and $12 million to the Howard University College of Medicine. Some other notable names include Canopy Planet, Start Early and Malaria Consortium.

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For 2023, the diversity of Scott’s philanthropic endeavors is just as notable. Her recent contributions have ranged as high as $25 million, targeting organizations that are often smaller in scale but significant in impact. These groups work in various fields, including early learning, affordable housing, health equity and civic and social engagement. Notable recipients this year include Jobs for the Future, the San Francisco Community Land Trust and the early childhood education nonprofit Zero to Three.

Scott’s approach to philanthropy is unconventional. Most of her donations are relatively modest for a billionaire — typically less than $10 million — and are given as no-strings-attached grants.

This method has occasionally led recipients to initially doubt the authenticity of her contributions.

As Bezos recently purchased a $79 million bunker-inspired mansion in Florida, Scott decided to give her Beverly Hills mansion to charity. In total, Scott has donated two Beverly Hills mansions to charity for a combined $55 million.

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