J.Law and Katie Holmes Just Wore the Winter Boots That Go With All Trousers

As the winter chill sets in, there comes a time when we must cast aside even our warmest of skirts and dresses in favour of long-line trousers that over offer full coverage and additional snugness.

Unless you’re a trouser person through and through, you might find that styling your trousers in the winter is tricker than you feel it should be. Different to assembling around your jeans—which always look chic with a colourful trainer or smart loafer—trousers come with a formal element woven in, meaning that the wrong shoe pairing can have your outfit looking overly prim, or simply mismatched.

Well, I’m happy to share that in my time as a fashion editor, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to help your trouser outfits always look streamlined, considered and above all, chic—starting with a simple shoe pairing, which has already been signed off by fashion icons Jennifer Lawrence and Katie Holmes this season.

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