I've Worked It Out: This Is How French Women Always Style Jeans

If I know anything about fashion, it’s that jeans will always be the ultimate staple pair of trousers. They’re what you reach for when you think you’ve got nothing else to wear, when you’re going on a night out and when you’re just meeting friends in the park. They are also the one type of trousers I see French women wear on repeat, and it is obvious that they seem to know exactly how to make jeans look chic. I’ve spent plenty of time looking at how French women do it, and I’ve managed to narrow it down to six key jeans outfit formulas that they always return to. 

Of course, there’s the classic blazer-and-smart-shoes combo, the relaxed white shirt and then the delicate-blouse look inspired by Jane Birkin. But there are a few others that I think you’re missing out on—ones you’ll definitely want to know about. Below, I’ve found plenty of jeans outfits to get inspiration from as well as all the pieces you might need to re-create the looks.

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