I've Done the Research—These Are the 6 Best Trainer Styles to Wear With Jeans

Trainers are to jeans as Nutella is to pancakes, as eyeliner is to Alexa Chung, and as corsets are to the cast of Bridgerton. They just look good together. The only major flaw in this belief, however, is that every pair of trainers works with every pair of jeans. I’ve learned, however, that there are certain trainers that work best with certain denim silhouettes. I own a fair amount of both, so you can rest assured that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and have narrowed down the ideal combos. 

When deciding which trainers to wear with jeans, the first thing I think about is the hem of the trousers. Are they cropped or tapered? This detail immediately has an impact on which trainers I’ll choose. Case in point: If you’re wearing a longer leg style, you won’t want to wear a chunky pair of trainers because they might disrupt the silhouette of the jeans. Secondly, I pay attention to the width of the trouser legs. Wide-leg jeans, in my opinion, don’t work well with chunky trainers. The nuances of getting this combination right might feel overwhelming, but I’ve illustrated how to do so for you below. Keep scrolling to see my insight on which six trainer styles are best to wear with jeans. 

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