I've Been a Stylist for 10 Years—These 9 Classics Are the Backbone of My Closet

If the start of a new season has taught us anything, it’s the importance of a wardrobe stock take. My bikinis have been shelved for yet another year, and I’ve started to not leave the house without a jacket, as autumn calls for clothing that’s as fashionable as they are functional. So where does one begin when it comes to assembling the perfect capsule wardrobe for this time of year?  Asking for fashionable advice, of course. 

While scrolling through Instagram I stumbled across Joanne Hegarty’s account, @thestylistandthewardrobe, and who better to turn to for tips than a stylist with an exceptional wardrobe. With over a decades experience in styling and writing (she currently heads up the The Chic List column in You magazine), her Instagram is a mix of shopping recommendations, styling tricks, and designer finds. So, in a bid to answer your fashion dilemmas, I reached out to Hegarty for an insight into how she created a wardrobe that stands the test of time. 

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