I've Avoided Jeans All Month, But I Can’t Not Copy These 5 Fresh Outfits

I can’t even remember the last time I wore jeans. But what I do know, is it was definitely sometime in 2023. I feel as though there’s enough outfit dramas to deal with during winter (how many thermal layers is too many?) without adding snug jeans to the mix. While I’ve been avoiding wearing them out of the house, I have recently had a wardrobe clear-out where I tried on every pair of jeans I own, and gave any that don’t make me feel my best to my local charity shop. And let me tell you, it was a lot. I’m certainly in the market for a few new key styles–Agolde Pinch and Raey’s new collection are firmly on my wish list. 

Let’s just say, though, I’m in need of some inspiration for how to really enjoy wearing jeans again, which is why I have turned to some of the most stylish women on Instagram to provide easy to copy looks. If you’re in the same anti-jeans slump, I suggest you keep scrolling…

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