It's Official: These 9 High-Street Stores Do the Best Jeans

As far as shopping experiences go, finding a great pair of jeans on the high street used to be tough (IRL or online). But over the past few years, there’s been an influx of styles, lengths and shapes to suit every body shape. It’s no longer good enough that “cheap” jeans should feel cheap, so (thankfully) gone are the days of ill-fitting, saggy pairs made of fabric that quickly wears away.

In fact, there’s so many impressive, good-quality affordable styles out there right now. But for this round up of the best high street jeans I wanted to really do the research and dig down into the brands not just loved by me, but by my fellow editors and industry insiders, too. As well as the denim styles you all love (I only have one body after all, and different figures suit different jeans). 

I put the question of where to buy the best high street jeans out to the Who What Wear team, and then to our audience through the powers of social media. There were a handful of brands that were mentioned several times, and a number of pairs in particular that came out clear winners— some were already my go-tos for everyday denim outfits, and others I instantly added to my list to try next. 

All of the brands and pairs mentioned had a few things in common, though. First, they were all classic—no embellishments or gimmicks here. Mostly, they tended to be high-rise and straight-leg. Although, there were a few wide-leg and skinnies creeping in there too. Below, I’ve made a concise list of the brands that came out on top, along with the most-recommended pairs. Keep scrolling to see and, more importantly, shop… 

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