Investors Crowd the Green Bitcoin Presale As BTC Price Reaches for $75K

The crypto bull run ahead of the much-awaited Bitcoin halving is going strong. Despite short-term setbacks, the market is gripped with extreme greed. $100,000 is not a wildly far-fetched price forecast for BTC at this point.

One of the crypto projects seeking to gain momentum along with established players like BTC, ETH, and SOL is Green Bitcoin.

Why is Green Bitcoin Trending?

The $GBTC presale has been seeing large traffic over the last few days as investors began to hoard the token to get better exposure to the pre-halving rally.

With growing optimism surrounding Bitcoin’s potential ascent to $100,000, investors are seeking avenues to ride the bull wave and maximize their returns.

To begin with, Bitcoin’s staggering market cap of $1407.54B limits its investment appeal to latecomers to the rally. They have limited opportunities for significant gains, despite the massive price tag of the coin.

Emerging projects like Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) that have lower market caps come into play here. Due to its ‘Bitcoin’ tag, $GBTC taps into the ongoing speculative craze with poise.

The Green Bitcoin presale has amassed $3.8 million in funding as of now. The rapid progress of the presale hints at an early sell-out. The surplus FOMO is expected to channel into a successful exchange launch for $GBTC in the next few days.

But what distinguishes Green Bitcoin from meme coins and other speculative coins is its emphasis on sustainability. Green Bitcoin makes a more reliable alternative for long-term investors.

Prediction Markets and Gamified Staking

Green Bitcoin is a utility-rich project centered around prediction markets.

The token has both gamified and passive staking utilities. Users can stake $GBTC tokens in the prediction markets to stand a chance to win attractive rewards. The daily and weekly challenges will be based on the price action of Bitcoin. Accurate predictions will earn attractive rewards for stakers.

The gamified staking put forward by Green Bitcoin targets a large user base as it is less risky than trading and gambling, and more rewarding than most gaming platforms. With a combination of instincts and insights, anyone can join the contests.

But for those who don’t have the time or interest in prediction challenges, passive staking is another avenue to earn attractive rewards. Investors of all scales can stake their tokens on the platform to earn up to 127% annual staking rewards.

Staking will support the sustainable price action of the coin, especially in times of broader market downturns.

The $GBTC presale is still live and offers fixed prices on the token. It is divided into multiple stages and features a gradually increasing price structure to favour early participants.

But the growing traffic to the presale indicates a rapid sell-out.

The project’s green foundation based on Ethereum provides an alternative for investors wary of buying proof-of-work tokens like Bitcoin. The project plans to collaborate with sustainability projects in the future to penetrate traditional investors.

Investors who buy $GBTC in the current presale stage are eligible for passive staking rewards.

Meme Coins Continue to Top the Charts

Meme coins are one of the key reasons behind the growing crypto market cap. Both high-cap and low-cap meme coins are vying for attention.

Established meme coins like Pepe and Shiba Inu have topped the charts again with remarkable surges, catching the attention of mainstream media.

But strategic investors have their eyes on low-cap meme coins. They are making waves with their substantial price increases. Solana meme coin SMOG is a good example, which saw an impressive 357% surge over the month, outpacing Shiba Inu’s 244% increase.

A series of Solana crypto airdrops have been pumping the dragon-themed meme coin. As per the latest announcement, 1.5 million SMOG quests have been completed by participants. The official SMOG website has launched a 10% OTC discount for investors.

Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) is another viral meme coin sensation. The presale of the AI crypto sold out within days, ahead of schedule, due to massive investor traffic. But early investors have a limited opportunity to buy $SCOTTY at a discounted fixed price of $0.01 before the upcoming exchange launch.

$SCOTTY is close to the $10 million presale milestone.

Sponge has also begun to rebound after a short dip. Sponge offers staking rewards of up to 460% APY on the Polygon blockchain now. The anticipation surrounding the launch of the SpongeBob-themed play-to-earn game adds to the craze.

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