IMO, These £4 Nail Polishes Are Just As Good As Any Luxury Bottle

My first thought when using the polish was how easy it was to apply. The brush is the perfect size, and the formula isn’t thick or gloopy. I can sometimes make a bit of a mess when doing my nails, but this product was quick and easy. Although the brand said that one coat would give a flawless finish, I personally found that two coats was the right amount, as the colour wasn’t strong enough from just one application. That being said, the polish dried really quickly so applying two coats took me no time at all, and I was so happy with the result. 

My favourite thing about this polish (apart from the price) is that it gives that shiny, salon-worthy finish, and a couple of my friends even commented on how good my nails looked after using this. The only downside for me is the lasting power. As someone who is used to gels, sometimes I can find it frustrating when regular nail polishes chip after one or two days. Although this one lasted a lot longer than other affordable options I have tried, it still started chipping after around four to five days, but removing it and applying a fresh coat wasn’t a hassle. Plus, you could definitely make the polish last longer by wearing protective gloves when doing things such as washing up or opening parcels. 

All in all, I really couldn’t recommend this polish enough if you are looking for a more affordable way to do your nails this winter. The shade range, the formula and the packaging are such good quality for the price, and although it doesn’t last as long as an in-salon manicure, it’s great for those of you who don’t mind redoing your nails every week or so.

Pros: Affordable, chic packaging, great colour range, easy to apply and beautiful finish

Cons: Doesn’t last that long on the nail and needs a couple of coats

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