I’m Not Interested in “Trendy” Summer Shoes—11 Classic Styles I’m Eyeing Instead

This past weekend was the first time I wore sandals outdoors and didn’t immediately regret my decision—summer may not have “officially” started yet but in my mind, and my wardrobe, it’s here, and I refuse to go back to wearing anything other than warm-weather shoes. This prompted me to stash away my boots, chunky loafers and shearling-lined slip ons and, instead, bring my collection of sandals, dainty flats and canvas trainers to the fore. In doing so, however, I realised the tan sandals I’ve worn religiously for the past four summers have started to look a little tatty. Blame it on the couple of Aperols I had sipped during the day or the buzz you get from spending a few hours in uninterrupted sunlight, yesterday evening, I opened my laptop with the intention of treating myself to a new pair of summer-ready shoes. The big question being, what should I go for?

Summer Shoe Trends

In need of some inspiration and affirmation, I took to Instagram to see which summer shoe trends fashion people are already wearing. What I found was that many of them have been sticking to tried-and-tested pairs that we’ve seen become popular over the last few seasons, and that I’m sure will feel just as relevant in a few years time as they do in 2024. From heels to flats to sandals to trainers, the more I looked, the more I assembled what I think is a near-perfect edit of summer shoe trends. So, I thought I’d collate and share them with you below.