I'm In a Committed Relationship With Flat Shoes—6 Trends I'm Eyeing for Spring

Hands up if you’re ready for spring? Both of mine would be in the air right now if it weren’t for the fact I have to type this. After what feels like a long, especially cold winter, I have my sights firmly set on the new season and, my, I can’t wait to start refreshing my wardrobe for the spring. While coats aren’t quite off the agenda and there is still a need for boots, I am adamant—I will be wearing “normal” shoes this month.

Sure, they may require a sock on chilly days but the first change I action when I begin making my seasonal style switch always pertains to footwear. Though I may need to call upon them again for the next while, the last thing I’ll entertain buying is boots: Instead, I’ve set my sights on some new flat shoes. It might sound like a silly claim but flat shoes are everywhere right now. Of course, they’ve always been a market staple—loafers have remained a stylish shoe go-to since Gucci put them back on the map in the early 2010s. But now, flat shoes have taken over from heels as the shoe du jour, and there are more designs than ever to choose from.

Last year, the ballet flat reigned supreme, but what’s in store for 2024? Well, if you already invested in a pair, you’ll be pleased to hear that ballet flats are sticking around as we head into spring (if you really want to look current, I’ve woven the freshest pair into my edit). However, alongside them, there are five more flat shoe trends taking off in 2024. Scroll on to see them. 

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