I'm Fussy, But These Cosy-Yet-Chic Perfumes Have Seriously Impressed Me

The festive season is well and truly upon us and as the month of December starts to unfold, so does a riot of parties, Christmas shopping and time-honoured traditions. But, of course, with traditions often comes some push-and-pull—presents before or after Christmas dinner, cosy pyjamas or a more dressed-up ensemble for the day itself, and how early is too early to pop the first bottle of fizz? For me, as a beauty editor, there is one conundrum that feels more pressing than it might to most—which fragrance will provide the scent soundtrack to my festive season?

I have always been obsessive about perfume and love the way that certain scents instantly transport my back to some of the most important moments in my life. I was fanatical about selecting the perfect wedding perfume to mark the big day (it was Byredo’s Bibliotheque FYI) and love nothing more than selecting a new fragrance to commemorate special occasions like big holidays, new babies, and major life milestones. 

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