I'm An Interiors-Obsessed Fashion Editor—27 New Homeware Finds I Need You to See

At the end of the month I’ll have been renovating my house for a full year. To the naked eye, it might not look like a lot has changed, saved for some new flooring and fresh paint on the walls. However, under the surface, there’s a lot more that’s been going on. Cue an unexpected, full-house rewire (which meant an unexpected, full-house re-plaster), a sneaky lead pipe situation which meant some of our newly laid flooring had to come right back up again, and more DIY mishaps than there are aisles in B&Q. While it’s been testing, the thing keeping me on course is my creative vision. Sure, I might not have the actual funds to furnish said house right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep dreaming up beautiful interior moments in my head. 

I could talk interiors all day, and often do with my poor colleagues who have spent the last 365 days listening to my woes and affirming my design decisions. Sending them link after link asking, “what do you think of this?“, or suggesting pieces from my virtual travels I think they’d like themselves (“this would look gorgeous in your living room“). As such, it was mutually decided that I would start a Who What Wear first—a brand-new, rolling homeware column—so I could live out my décor fantasies and afford my colleagues some peace. A win-win, so they say. 

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