I'm an Editor Who Is Hard to Buy for—These Gifts Would Genuinely Impress Me

I’ll admit, I’m a confessed lover of Christmas. December is a ways away and my nearest and dearest have been subject to many a Christmas rendition on my behalf. While it may seem untimely, it’s that time of the year when whispers of Christmas are in the ether. The mention of shopping holidays is starting to flood our inboxes, people draw names for Secret Santa, compile lists and echoes of “When is an appropriate time to put the Christmas tree up?” are heard far and wide. Whilst I know the festive period divides opinion and I’m a strong believer that the objective isn’t gifting, I enjoy commemorating the people in my life that matter most to me.

As with most seasons, Christmas in the fashion industry is also premature, so with that said, I’ve been shortlisting pieces from months ahead in anticipation of sharing. On said journey, I’ve been presented with many wonderful contenders, whilst reflecting on my most loved brands of 2023.

Although the mass market booms during the festive period, I prefer to turn my attention to independent brands and their offerings, most of which I consider a triumph over their counterparts. There, you’ll likely discover artisanal products, inimitable services and bespoke pieces, making the gift-giving experience that bit sweeter. Shopping small pays dividends. There’s a level of sentiment that’s unique to the process. When supporting independent businesses, you’re gifting with intention and likely unearthing communities of budding artists, makers and unique pieces, each crafted with consciousness in mind. In many instances, small business owners are advocates for sustainability either intentionally or as a direction correlation of having rationed production.

I’ve sourced the internet for some notable gifts which are bound to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones (and reduce the stress of Christmas shopping). Continue reading for a considered edit. You’ll find something for everyone — from homeware to beauty and made-to-order apparel.

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