I'm a Stylist, and This Is the One Wardrobe Staple I Wear on Repeat in Winter

London-based brand Heist has a lot of hype, as it claims to have created the perfect pair of tights. Out of the 23 tights I tried, these were my favourite. Thanks to the high thread count (5000 yarns of nylon compared to the average 500), they’re soft, and the stretchy waistband and removal of the gusset mean they keep their shape and don’t droop. Gone are the days of trying to find a quiet corner to subtly hoist up your saggy tights.

You also don’t realise quite how annoying the centre seam and seams on the toes are until they are gone. The only seams on Heist tights are at the base of your foot, so they don’t snag against your toenails. They might be more expensive, but with detailed washing instructions and the snag-free design, they’re a sensible investment. I was so impressed that I texted my mum to tell her to buy a pair.

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