I'm A Miami Wellness Expert— 10 Skin and Fashion Faves for Any Beach Vacation

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If you’ve been to Miami, no doubt, you’ve heard of Sana Skin Studio— the trend-forward, holistic paradise that has given birth to a new wellness mecca amid a massive cultural shift down south. It’s a favorite of both local creatives and long-time Miami natives (like myself) in some dire need of rest and relaxation. While wellness may just be this year’s buzziest SEO term to some of us, for founder Valentina Hernandez Botero, Sana Skin Studio isn’t simply a luxurious skincare spot — it’s her whole mantra of being. After getting her first facial well into her 20s after struggling with acne throughout her adolescence, Hernandez Botero realized self-care is more than just skin-deep.

“I craved an experience that felt welcoming, effortless and goal driven while being transparent about what was going on my skin. I wanted a facial that had zero fluff and all the results without the downtime or breaking the bank,” she explained to Who What Wear. “That’s when the idea for Sana came in.”

What came as a natural, healing journey to embrace her skin evolved into a full-scale brick-and-mortar business, launched weeks before the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, Hernandez Botero’s Sana Skin Studio has become a solitary mainstay amongst Miami’s bubbling holistic scene, opening three studios and a robust online e-commerce platform— all while being a new mom. As a trend-setter, wellness entrepreneur, and Miami creative in her own right, we sat down with Hernandez Botero to dish on all things Sana, skin, and simple, must-have essentials to carry with you on your next journey to Miami.

Sana Skin Studio

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Given the massive increase in interest around wellness and wellness-adjacent practices like clean beauty, I’m curious to know: What does wellness mean to you?

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